The Convergence quarterly newsletter, a publication of the Christic Institute.

Winter 1982

  • The Christic Institute: An Idea is Born…
  • History and Purposes
  • Religious Dimension
  • Legal Activities
  • Legal Feature: The Karen Silkwood Case
  • Legal Feature: The Greensboro Civil Rights Suit
  • CARCEN Institute Program Receives Grant
  • The Case of Santana Chirino-Amaya


Fall 1985

  • Sanctuary on trial in Tucson
  • Civil jury hands down Greensboro verdict
  • Ronal Reagan, the Bible, and nuclear war
  • N.R.C. moves to overturn Silkwood victory
  • Widow fights Union Carbide
  • F.B.I. informer drops lawsuit against Howard Kohn
  • Court okays T.M.I. restart
  • Greensboro Special Report
  • Bhopal: India’s night of fear

Spring 1987

  • Iran-Contra, The Secret Team
  • Disinformation and Chernobyl
  • The Karen Silkwood Case
  • Christic Institute South: Civil Liberties, Voting Rights, Police Brutality
  • End Times Politics and the Christian Right
  • The La Penca Bombing
  • Jackson Browne and Holly Near


Spring 1988

  • Voting Rights in Keysville, GA
  • Oliver North Spies on Christic Institute
  • Cocaine Frame Up in Costa Rica, Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey
  • Genral Singlaub’s Newest War: the Campaign against the Christic Institute
  • Religious Right in Central America
  • Pat Robertson’s Presidential Aspirations


Summer 1989

  • Iran Contra Puzzle Unsolved: Why the lack of reform?
  • La Penca Investigation Continues
  • How Much Did George H.W. Bush Know about Iran-Contra? The Donald Gregg Nomination
  • John Kerry: The Contras Smuggled Drugs
  • Social Ministries Under Attack: Ted Shackley asks ex-CIA to Block Christic Funds
  • Drama in Robeson County, North Carolina: The Defense of Timothy Jacobs
  • US Govt. Deports 11,000 Navajos
  • Christic Inauguration Concert: Michelle Shocked, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Kris Kristofferson, Bobcat Goldthwait

Spring 1990

  • John Hull Faces Murder Indictment
  • National Security and Iran-Contra
  • South Carolina Island Residents Versus Developers
  • Ferdinand Marcos Held Responsible for Murder of Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo
  • $1M Sanctions Judgement Against Christic Institute Challenged
  • Covert Operations and Drug Trafficking
  • Organizing Tips

Fall 1990

  • S&Ls Funded Covert Operations
  • Keysville, GA Residents win Supreme Court Victory
  • La Penca Lawsuit Continues
  • Move to Dismiss the Special Prosecutor
  • Bush Knew about Contra Resupply
  • Plutonium Space Threat: The Galileo Probe and NASA Launch
  • New Trial For Oliver North?

Winter 1991

  • End of the Cold War, But No Peace Dividend
  • DEA Agents Condemn CIA-Drug Trafficker Links: Death of Enrique Camarena
  • John Hull, Wanted For Murder, Flees to Nicaragua
  • Christic Appeal of La Penca Lawsuit
  • Jury Convicts ex-CIA for Tax Evasion
  • Christic Benefit Concert: Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne
  • Bush Vetoes Covert Operations Bill
  • Covert Ops: A History
  • Developers Desecrate Black Cemetary: South Carolina’s Daufuskie Island
  • Intelligence Committee May Block S&L Probe
  • Bill To Abolish RICO Statue Dies: John Conyers
  • Administration Blocks CIA Trial

Summer 1991

  • John Hull Extradition
  • Release of Iran Hostages: The October Surprise
  • Drug Teleconference Held By Public Interest Groups
  • Gulf War Reveals Media Bias
  • Project Tracks Censored Stories
  • PeaceNet: Computer Network of Activists
  • Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments on La Penca Bombing
  • South Carolina’s Daufuskie Island: A Millionaire’s Paradise

Fall 1991

  • War on Drugs
  • Drugs and Covert Ops: a History
  • Racism and the War on Drugs
  • Manuel Noriega: Our Man in Panama
  • Evidence of Contra-Cocaine Connection
  • CIA and Heroin in South East Asia
  • Afghanistan Drug Lords by Alfred McCoy