Summer 1989 Convergence Newsletter

The Convergence quarterly newsletter, a publication of the Christic Institute.

Summer 1989 (Click here for full-resolution pdf)


  • Iran Contra Puzzle Unsolved: Why the lack of reform?
  • La Penca Investigation Continues
  • How Much Did George H.W. Bush Know about Iran-Contra? The Donald Gregg Nomination
  • John Kerry: The Contras Smuggled Drugs
  • Social Ministries Under Attack: Ted Shackley asks ex-CIA to Block Christic Funds
  • Drama in Robeson County, North Carolina: The Defense of Timothy Jacobs
  • US Govt. Deports 11,000 Navajos
  • Christic Inauguration Concert: Michelle Shocked, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Kris Kristofferson, Bobcat Goldthwait

Summer 1989 (Click here for full-resolution pdf)

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